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 Hello, everyone, I am Chen Ruohan from Class 3, senior Grade 1. I am Zhou Xinyi from Class 5, senior Grade 1.

The 31st Art Festival opens as scheduled, for the purpose of developing the Chinese style, this festival is themed Feng, Ya, Song, the three sections in the Books of Songs.

Dance Chinese style, mix in the elegance of art, sing the song of the world. A country with 5000-year history, in each historic period, she possesses the beauty of culture, the beauty of art. 

The harmony of Qin and Se,all classes of authors, Tang Style, Han Costumes, the novels of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the features of Minguo Period, paintings, poems, dances, operas, all these attract every offspring of Chinese and every traveler.
Every period of history is a story, every painting is the eye of culture. 

In a time of  information explosion and rapid life pace, do we still remember the time when our culture was experiencing the culture shock from other countries? The time which was just suitable for the faraway? Do we still want to stop our steps to look at ourselves? To look at our China?

We hope our students would make good use of this opportunity to enjoy the richness of Chinese culture

Next, let’s welcome Mr. Cao Qihai, the head of our Art Group, to explain this Art Festival.


Cao Qihai: “ Guan guan jujiu.....” I am sure everybody knows what I was singing, yes, right, this is the first poem of the Books of Songs,Guan Ju, one of my friends composed it into a song more than 20 years ago, and won quite some prizes in the country, it still deeply impresses me today. Many artists often use classic poems like this one to be their writing materials. At a hosts’ contest a few days ago, there was a part in which the contestants were asked to read Guan Ju by draw lots.

The theme of this Art Festival is “Feng, Ya,Song”, going on with the leading idea of developing our traditional culture which has always been advocated by school,this is also to distinguish the theme of the Foreign Language Festival, whose theme was “ Have a Global View”. Our theme is in accordance with our goal “ a combination of China and West”.  
The development of a nation and a nationality, is propped by its thriving culture. The great rejuvenation of Chinese nation needs to develop Chinese culture firstly. Chief Secretary Xi Jinping recently made several important speeches in accordance with inheriting and developing the best traditional culture. This reflected the Central Government highly valued the construction of culture.
Recently, it is the time that foreign universities begin their new recruitment, and it is also the time that NFLS has its good harvest: two by Yale, 2 by UCLA, 6 by Cornell, beside the above, many other students got offers from first-class art schools from abroad, Peng Weiling got offer from Rhode Island Art College with good ED, this is the third time that our student has got offer from this school after Wang Naiqian in 2014, Yang Chi in 2015 were enrolled; Yang Yihan is admitted by Syracuse Architect, which is No. 3 in America; it is known that quite some students in Sino-British Cambridge School in the International Branch are accepted by some top art schools abroad. There are many other students who didn’t choose art as their major, but their talent in art will add highlights to their applications, this also shows that art is so important in one’s growth in quality. I am sure more good news will be arriving.
“ a combination of China and West, a combination of Art and Science” is NFLS’s new cultivation goal, I sincerely hope that every NFLS student will grow freely, grow continuously, let us all fight for a better tomorrow for NFLS!



Feng, Ya, Song are the three sections of the Book of Songs, Confucius once summarized the Book of Songs “innocence” and taught his students to read the Book of Songs and to act on it as a standard.

Among the authors in Pre-Qin Dynasty, many of them cited the sentences in the Book of Songs, such as Meng Zi, Xun Zi, Mo Zi, Zhuang zi, Han Feizi, etc. They cited the sentences in this book in order to be persuasive when they were making proofs. Next, let’s welcome Mr. Bai Jin to lead the student to read the Book of Songs, to enjoy the glamour of art.


Bai Jin: good morning, dear teachers and students, I am very happy that Feng, Ya, Song  is the theme of this art festival.
The Book of Songs is the origin of Chinese poems. For us, it might be too long ago, so long time that there were no explanations or notes, we find it hard to move forward. In fact, it is just folk songs, the folk song of the common people, it is not that distant and unapproachable as we imagined. For thousands of years, it is a blossoming flower on the other side of the bank, though hard to catch, it is in our heart. It is forgotten by us in another age, without our knowing.
Our host cited a line which Confucius commented the Book of Songs “innocent thoughts”, when we look with poems’ innocence, with the depth of classics, listen with piousness of a pilgrim, it might be your previous’ life of the previous’ life, it might be the voice from the bottom of our heart, it might be the songs that we sang in the past, it might be the our innocent memory in our previous’ life. 
 In the past, poems and songs were never separated.
Today, let me use today’s examples to compare, then songs such as “ the King Appointed Me to Patrol the Mountain”, “ Time Cooks Rain” can be categorized into the Feng, “ the King Appointed Me to Patrol the Mountain”is very active and elastic, and the words are so practical and popular. The words of“Time Cooks Rain” can touch our memory of the youth and make us feel the softest part in the bottom of our heart.
 “Chrysanthemum Terrace” by Zhou Jielun can be considered as Ya, mini Ya, isn’t it? In“tangled north wind, not spent night, your shadow can’t be cut”, the three words “not spent night” were actually from Xiao Ya, Ting Liao, the Book of Songs,  “ how was the night? Not spent night. The shining of yard lights. A gentleman came and stopped, the phoenix was singing”, from here we can see that the classic poems from the Book of Songs has great influence on our modern age.
We’d like to invite four students to the stage to read the first poem Crane’s Tweeting, which is on the paper in your hands. We might as well consider it a lyric poem on the spot. It is also a picture of an ancient poet’s wandering on obsolete land. This picture is both vocal and visual with things and scenes, so it is full of poetry.
Please, everybody here, read the second poem “ White Horse”, which means trying to sincerely detain the guest by an excuse of detaining the horse.


 Those who just read the poems, do you have a deeper and better understanding of the theme of this art festival?  Do you have a stronger desire to try those activities in the festival?
The Art Festival which began in early December is going on heatedly. Refined art comes to our campus, the folk music was held in senior Grade 1, the Chinese traditional music and modern music were combined into one, we were enjoying it just like the sweet rainfall on us in spring. Excellent photos by the students were taken for the Beautiful Photography Contest in the Festival. Good Voice of NFLS, Good Instruments, Good Figures of NFLS were held on schedule, at the beginning of the contests, our students showed their talents so well that our judges found it hard to make assessments. At the finals, all the teachers and the students were shocked by the brilliance of the performances, so brilliant that it was breathtaking. Whether the vitality, or elegant moves or beautiful voices, all impressed every one on the scene deeply. The Poem-reading Contest chose a group of students with the talent of hosting shows. The results of every contest were put at the Announcement at the school gate, please pay attention.


The following activities will be nicer, the contest of Poem and Painting of the Most Beautiful Ancient Nanjing is waiting for your participation. The contest of 0ne-hundred Painting is going on heatedly. The Youth Calligraphy Association came to our campus, too, club art saloon, theme class meeting for the Art Festival, the Long March Revolutionary Songs Contest in junior Grade 2, the Chinese Style Handicraft Contest in junior Grade 1, and wonderful New Year’s Party Show... Surely everyone in all grades will find your own right stage.


Meanwhile, good Performance Show for the Art Festival is waiting for you, I believe after a few weeks’ rehearsal, our students would adapt to each other, polish the performances, they will show us a great show with their mutual wisdom, interpret the Chinese love in a unique way.


Chinese soul, global bosom. With rich Chinese culture in our heart, we will go beyond ourselves, the endless motivation to walk toward the world, the qualifications of art and culture will help us to walk farther.
We hope art and culture can connect the bridge between China and the rest of the world. The traditional Chinese culture that our students love and concern will be inherited and developed. Never forget our original intention, we will gain a good result.
I hope our students will better and more deeply understand Chinese culture after this Art Festival, I hope everyone can develop his creativity and imagination, combine Chinese traditional art and the world’s art culture, interpret and feel the charm of art with a Chinese love and a global view.


 Thank you!