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December 24th is the Christmas Eve in western countries, though the weather was not good enough, showery now and then, there was a hubbub of voices in the Report Hall of NFLS, all seats were taken. The 2016 summit of Nanjing City Senior High C.S club was going on gorgeously in our school. The theme of this summit was “Creativity”and “ sincerity”, which aimed to encourage the students to break the routine to show the teenagers’ creativity, meanwhile, to express their sincerity and combine “newand “ truth” together in order to have the whole world hear the voice of youth which is unique and full of life. The summit gained a lot of support form the League Committee of Xuanwu District the Workers’ Education Committee of Xuanwu District, the Social club of the High School attached to Nanjing Normal Universitythe League Committee of Hexi Branch School, Jinling High School, the League Committee of Xianlin Branch Schoo, NFLS;the Students’ Office of NFLS; the League Committee of NFLS. 24 students’ clubs from the Highschool attached to Nanjing Normal University, Zhonghua Middle School, Nanjing No. 13 Middle School, Hexi Branch school of Jinling Middle School, Nanjing No. 9 Middle School, Nanjing No. 3 Senior High School, NFSL Xianlin Branch School, and NFLS, gathered at the school Report Hall of NFSL to hold a display about “youth” and “ sincerity”. Modern Express, ZAKER Nanjing, Nanjing Children Channel, Nanjing Education Headline and other media all reported this summit. More than 40,000 netizens watched summit online at ZAKER Nanjing’s client terminal, that was quite a big influence.


The summit of Nanjing City Senior High C.S club, with the theme of “the sincerest youth” and “ endless creativity”, was fairly diversified in its forms, dancing, singing, drama, etc. It was so great that one was obsessed in it. The opening was a song He’s a Pirate by the Fragrance Club of NFLS, which pushed the atmosphere into a highlight; the lively street dance by the students from No. 9 Middle School, Sino-Candadian Branch School of NFLS, Xianlin Branch School of NFLS and NFLS won applause from the audience; what was special was the cantata by Akabella Club, NFLS and the Will Band of the Nanshi Middle School, both of their performances won cheers from all audience; following that were Folk Dance Club from Zhonghua High School, Han Costume of WeiYang Club, No. 9 Middle, Ballet Club of NFLS, these performances again created a highlight, the dances were moving and tender, everybody couldn’t move their eyes from the shows, when the ballet dancers from NFLS were dancing with elegance, wearing white and blue dresses, with the background an ink painting, all audience felt like they were at the sight and couldn’t help it; in addition, the drama played by the Drama Club from Xianlin Branch School and Literature Club from NFLS was embodied with stage-tension that the audience kept praising. At the end of the summit, the Sino-America Culture Exchange Club of Xianlin Branch School, NFLS pushed the theme to the highest by using the the end of Merry Christmas. In the following award assessments, the Most Potential Club, The Most Popular Club, the Most Hottest Club, the Best Classic Club, the Most Lively Club and the Most Unique Personality Club, altogether 6 awards were given. The Ballet Club of NFLS won the Best Performance of the Summit, which was the highest highlight.
 After the show, walking around the campus of NFLS, we found that some new and special display boards not only decorated the school and formed a special club culture, but became an important part of the summit as well. More than 20 clubs from all over the city delivered the best of each club with their exhibits and the exhibit shelves, in the form of a “quiet disply”, to the students who came for exchange.
In order to prepare for this summit, all the teachers and students have devoted a lot. After it ended, as a part of the clubs, with a better and deeper understanding of the theme of “creativity, sincerity”, with the joy of the sharing with the students from all over the city, everybody was so happy and touched by its perfection. We wish our club summit will be better and better in the future!
Correspondents: Wu Wei from the Students’ Management Office
Photographed by Zhu Yue, Students’ Management Office,Pu Yi,Photography Club


Tang Mingyue from the Ballet Dance Club

Pan Heyou from the Literature Club