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In order to carry forward the spirit of Red Cross, namely “Humanity, Love and Dedication”, and the concept of “Kindness, Interdependency, Environment Friendliness, Saving and Public Welfare”, the City of Nanjing and Liuhe Red Cross found the Red Cross Clothes Donation Center, which is the city’s only donation center for public welfare, in the hope that it could be a place where the citizens and people in need could find help.

From December 22nd and 23rd, NFLS Red Cross and Liuhe Red Cross worked together and started the clothes donating called “to give with love that warms a heart”. The teachers and students were quite supportive. Within two days, they received more than 400 pieces of clothes and over 100 school things, which included clothes that seemed brand new, and stuff which the teachers or students forgot to bring when they left home in a hurry in the morning and asked their family to help bring to the school later. The clothes were piled up as high as a mountain, and our love were gathered together like a river, both ready to give to the families in poverty.