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Senior Grade 1 Parents’ School Event
To Go to a College Suitable for You: a Lecture on Academic Planning for Students of Senior Grade 1 
On the afternoon of November 25 th, 2016, the lecture about academic planning for the parents of Senior 1 students was held in the theatre of NFLS E2 Building. Professor Li, who has been dedicated to high school students’ career planning for a long time, was invited to introduce to the parents about the origin of the career planning, the categorizing of famous colleges home and abroad, and illustrated the importance and meaning of a career plan to the growth of a teenager with the specific examples from his education experience over the years. If one has a high goal and work for it, he will probably get a result of the medium level. If one set a goal of the medium level, he might just end up with something less. Professor Li suggested that the parents should try to find the children’s vocational tendency according to their interests and initiate the process of career planning as soon as possible so that strengths of the children could be developed and the shortcomings could be avoided, and that they would be able to help choose a university suitable for the kids and establish a goal best for them.
The lecture lasted for one hour and a half. The parents benefited a lot from it and looked forward to the event next time.