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Winter vacation, 2016, headed by Ms. Huang Bei, Li Mengruo, Yu Qixuan, Zhu Xiaoyi, Shen Zheru, Ma Ya, Zhong Yuxin, Wang Haoteng, Wu Jiaqi went to the US to have the annual friendly exchange with Mercersburg Academy. 
Our students spent about two weeks at Mercersburg Academy, a private lodging senior high school in the State of Penn. with the students there. 
During the two weeks, our students got involved in the Chinese courses there and did some exchange in Chinese, they chose four courses among literature, history, math, science and art to study for a week, experienced original American class teaching, felt the differences between Chinese course system and American one. Though the courses were hard in a degree, the active and friendly atmosphere in class, the kind and approachable attitude of both the teachers and students impressed us deeply. 
After class, our students lived in dormitories with local students and participated all activities there. For example, they watch the musical with local students“Into the Woods” played by local students themselves. We actively mixed ourselves with the school, exchanged our thoughts and ideas, promoted the mutual understanding between us and developed a deep friendship.
Besides the courses, we were very lucky to participate a variety of cultural activities. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, we had dinner with local Chinese students and American Chinese students, went to church to do church service, we had a lot of fun with local students in the Students’ Center, visited Gettysburg and the Amish Village. The 20-day exchange was undoubtedly a very happy memory. 
(高一四班 李孟若 供稿)
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