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Our students did an excellent job in the SimulatedWorld Expo

Correspondent Xiao Nan, Class 3, seniorGrade 2

Inthe 2009 Simulated World Expo, Nanjing, China, which was held on October 18th,our students fully showed their grace. Cai Yujing, Gao Shuyu both won “the BestMasterpiece Prize”, Qian Doudou, Cao Yang, Ge Haowen won “ the ExtraordinaryRepresentative Prize”, Wo Shuyi and Sun Xirui won respectively “ the BestWriting Prize” and “ the Most Style Prize”. Let’s congratulate all of them! Thetheme of this activity was “ Better City, Better Life”. At the Expo, there were4 major issues: Reasonable City Water Supply Equipment and SustainableDevelopment; the Future Environment’s Influence on Architecture; Tourism’sInfluence on City Environment and Development; the Urbanized Environment andCity Planning. Through the discussions about the 4 major issues, the studentsknew more about the current situations of cities in many countries