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Mother's Day Special: Make Your Mum a Puff!

Correspondent: HouYun Di, Class 3 Grade 2 Middle Schol

In order to show thelove for the celebration of the upcoming Mother's Day, 10 students from Grade 1and 2 of NFLS gathered in Ed Bakery, located in the Dajianyin Street, GulouDistrict, and made a gift full of their love for mothers.

The event was acharity activity organized jointly by NFLS and the ED Foundation, sponsored byYixin Fund. "Making cream puffs with parents" is the name ofthis activity. In the beginning, we first watched Ed bakeries promos. Ed bakerylooks ordinary from appearance, in fact, it provides an equal employmentopportunities to those disabled people, of which nearly one-third of employeesare mentally disabled. But here, they will not be laughed at, not to bediscriminated against. Through their efforts, they make tasted bread, and winthe respect from others. At this time, a lady who is a of volunteer andresponsible for the activity brought a sister such staff out, whose nameis Huihui. She is 31 years old, not tall, very cute, with a shy smile on herface. After making a simple self-introduction, she shyly smiled, and became tooshy to continue the introduction. we were all touched by her simple and lovelycharacter and gave a big applause to her.

Now was the hands-ontime. we and our parents went into the workplace, wearing an apron, chef hatand masks, we were like a bunch of Little Chef. Under Mr. Liu'sinstruction, we started making puffs. After the butter dissolved in water bystirring, Mr. Liu added the low-gluten flour into it, stirring vigorously, andput the "dough" into a blender and stirred it after eggs wereput together. We thought it would be as easy as it seemed from what Mr. Liu wasdoing, however, we felt it was challenging when we practiced it by ourselves.We used a great lengths to stir the bread, not to say to work out a skin ofpuff from Mr. Liu's "Decorating bag". As we are a group of novice, atthe beginning the skin of puff was of various shapes, looks terrible. Manystudents shoveled again and again and made several times. However, under theexercise, the students skills have greatly improved. Several Grade 2 studentswho have cooking experience worked out neatly a plate of skin of puff whichlooks really good from appearance and is high quality inside. The work of Grade1 female students also looked good. Soon, bubble skin was taken to the oven. Wewatched while we sighed. We spent such effort on simple skin of puff , not tomention how hard our parents are to make the daily meal for us, and thehardworking of those disabled staffs who made these beautiful puffs!

After the skin ofbubble is out of oven, the cream is added into it. Although we have to sharethe limited butter bags, we finally made it thanks to our collaboration.Looking at savory puffs in our hands, we really said in our heart that thisactivity is really meaningful.

 Mother Day Special Make Your Mum a Puff
Mother Day Special Make Your Mum a Puff  
 Mother Day Special Make Your Mum a Puff
 Mother Day Special Make Your Mum a Puff