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The Theme Youth Forum “Share a Common Fate” was held

Correspondent: Yang Chengyue, Class 8, Senior Grade 1,Member of School Youth League

On the afternoon of May 11th, 2015, LiuLucheng, Class 3, Senior Grade 1, hosted the youth forum with the theme of “Share a Common Fate” in the lecture classroom E3.

At the forum, starting with Chai Jing’s documentary “ Under the Dome”, Liu Lucheng discussed with other studentsabout the hot issues: the causes of smog; the causes of the severe industrialpollution; the measure taken to reduce the automobile emission; environmentprotection departments’ helplessness about the effective solutions topollution; how to balance the increase of GDP and environmental protection;what we middle students can do, etc., what the public are concerned about wasdeeply analyzed, that is, the issue of smog.

The students were greatly shocked by the documentary,they interacted with Liu Lucheng. From manufacturers’ profit-orientedmotivation to make fake products, the lack of the public awareness ofenvironment protection, the departments’ concerned neglect of their duties,everybody had heated discussions. In the end, the attendees all had a very goodunderstanding about the persistence in ruling the nation by law, the furtherreform of energy system, the improvements of our laws, etc., meanwhile,everyone began to think more clearly about how we, young students implementactions to protect our environment.

After the forum, the students not only understand thecause of smog and its harm better, know more about the measures of environmentprotection, but also strengthen theenvironment protection awareness, provoke our senses of responsibility and dutyto protect ecology. We hope everybody can start from ourselves and start withlittle things, take initiative to try our best and share the common fate withthis supposedly blue globe!

The Theme Youth Forum Share a Common Fate was held  
 The Theme Youth Forum Share a Common Fate was held