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  • Results of College Entrance Exam Revealed, 100% Have Reached the First-batch Universities’ Requirements

    The results of the 2019 national college entrance exam have been revealed. Senior 3 students of our school made remarkable results: 17 students entered for the entrance exam, and all of them reached the first-batch undergraduate students’ enrollment line, and 53.3% of them reached the Rate A+ of their optional courses. The total average scores of the liberal arts and science students were 378 points. Including the recommended students, 100% of the students will go to first-batch universities.


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  • Again, Two NFLS Students Joined in the National Team, Linguistics This Time......

    After Yang Junzhao was selected to be in the IOI2019 Chinese delegation Liu Tianyi, Wang Hanyue were selected to be in the IOI2019 Chinese delegation Ding Xiaoman was selected to be in the IOI2019 Chinese delegation Two of our students joined in the national team this time, it was linguistics


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  • Laying Solid Foundation for Life with Thought Force and Practical Force

    Today is an important day for all of us, and we are here to hold the 2019 graduation ceremony and 18-year-old adult ceremony of Nanjing Foreign Language School. First of all, please allow me, on behalf of the school, to express my sincere respect to all the teachers who have taught the graduates of 2019, send my warmest congratulations to all the students of Senior Grade 3, and express my sincere thanks to all parents who have trusted, cared for and supported NFLS for many years.


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  • Pursue the Dream, Never Misspend the Youth | The 2019 Senior 3rd Graders’ Graduation Ceremony and the Swearing-in Ceremony of the Adulthood

    It was blazing midsummer day of June. On the afternoon of June 12th, 2019, senior 3rd graders’ graduation ceremony of Nanjing Foreign Language School and the adulthood ceremony were held at the school report hall. The school leaders, the senior 3rd graders’ parents, all the teachers and the students in senior Grade 3 participated in the ceremony.


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  • Stars Light up Children's Eyes.

    If it were not Mr. Ye Lianping, 92, who personally came to Nanjing Foreign Language School to present a banner, the teachers of the Students’ Affairs Office would not think that the students in our school have had a collaboration that lasted for a semester with the school for left-behind children.


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