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  • Congratulations to the STEM Teachers' Team in NFLS on Winning the "Nanjing Youth May 4th Medal Collective"

    It’s the time of the May 4th again, 100 years ago, Li Dazhao, the revolutionary ancestor, called on the young people to "advance civilization for the world, create happiness for mankind, and create a family of youth, a country of youth, a nation of youth, and a human being of youth, the earth of youth, the universe of youth, and rejoice in its boundless life. " Why is youth, what is youth for? In the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, generations of "hard nuclear" youth have responded loudly to the questions of the times with action!


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  • Principal Zou Zheng sent a message to graduates who are about to go abroad: to have "great wisdom" and to have the feelings of the family and the country.

    Introduction:On April 25 th, nine outstanding overseas student representatives were interviewed by the media to share the ups and downs of the application process and the joy of success. At the sharing meeting, President Zou Zheng also put forward hope toward the overseas students.


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  • Make a Bright Pose,Set the Anchor And Begin the Long Voyage- the Overseas Enrollment of 2019 NFLS International Course

    Nanjing Foreign Language School offers three international courses: China-Canada International High School Experimental course, Cambridge International High School Curriculum Experimental course and IB International Diploma course.


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  • Two NFLS Chinese Teachers Won the 8th National Junior High School Chinese Teachers’ Basic Teaching Skill Competition

    On April 14-17, 2019, the 8th National Junior High School Chinese Teachers’ Basic Teaching Skill Assessment and Teaching Observing Seminar were held in Suzhou. Teachers Hong Yu and Liu Hui of our school, on behalf of the Jiangsu Province, won the first prize in the basic teaching skill excellent lesson example assessment (CD-ROM class), and Teacher Hong Yu won the best teaching etiquette award. In the evaluation of the papers, Teacher Hong Yu won the first prize, and Teacher Liu Hui won the second prize.


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  • The Selfless Share of NFLS Excellent Recommended Students, Thumb Up!

    The country's policy for recommended foreign language majors this year has given the students' more choices and increased the intensity of competition. NFLS senior 3rd graders, with solid and broad foundation and excellent on-the-spot ability to play, were widely praised by major domestic schools. This year, out of 119 students who participated in foreign language majors recommendation in NFLS, 74 were admitted by C9 colleges and universities (including 12 from Peking University and 12 from Tsinghua University), and two of them were sent to Tsinghua by competition. The students admitted to C9 accounted for 63% of all the recommended students; 25 were admitted to the Beijing Foreign Studies University and Shanghai Foreign Language University, while the rest were accepted by the People's University of China, School of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese University of Hong Kong ( Shenzhen), Wuhan University, Xiamen University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Southeast University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and many other popular universities, the admission reached a record high!


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