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  • The teacher's instructions are earnest; The teacher's kindness is unforgettable

    We are grateful to the teachers for their teaching, and carry forward the spirit of respecting teachers and education. In September, the 36th Teachers' Day is coming. Adhering to the principle of solemnity, simplicity and pragmatism, our school has carried out a series of activities to celebrate Teachers' Day.


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  • Principal's message in the new semester: Self-examination, self-consciousness, self-regulation Free growth (self-development)

    Dear teachers and students, good new semester! After the summer vacation, we return to school with expectation. Like every previous school year, the NFLS family has added new members and new vitality. Here, on behalf of the school, I would like to warmly welcome the new students of Junior I, Senior 1 and international department, and congratulate you on your efforts to become excellent NFLSers! I hope you can learn knowledge, make friends and grow up freely and happily here.


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  • To Military Training in Camouflage in August

    We kept in mind every move of the capture boxing. We followed the drum beat of military music and stepped every step well. We strived to raise our legs and kept our arms up. We hoped it was a happy ending to the seven-day military training life.


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  • Chinese Girls' Mathematical Olympiad,NFLS student won the gold medal

    In the 19th Chinese Girls' Mathematical Olympiad held on August 8 this year, Zhou Leqi, a 11th grader in our school, won the gold medal and tied for fifth place in the country. She became the first member of the Jiangsu Provincial High School Mathematical Olympiad team in 2020!


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  • Military training, let us become better ourselves

    It was hot and the sun was blazing in the sky. On August 23, all the students of new Senior 1 in NFLS were on their military training trip with longing and expectation. This year's new Senior 1 military training is in the school. In just a few days of the campus military training life, they have gained a lot and felt a lot.


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