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  • Ten-year Loving Connection between NFLS and the Children from Earthquake-hit Wenchuan Who Did Their Temporary Study in NFLS

    In 2008, after the Wenchuan earthquake, many children in the disaster-hit area were unable to go to school. Some of the children came to the schools in Nanjing to study temporarily. Nanjing Municipal Government, Municipal Education Bureau and quite some schools gave these children a lot of concern and help. In that year, Liu Zhan, a senior high school student at Mianyang Foreign Language School, also faced the problem of the collapse of his school and being unable to continue his studies. He came to Nanjing to seek help from his uncle, later on, he did his temporary study in Class 5, senior Grade 1 in NFLS. A month later, the school building was repaired and he returned from Nanjing to Mianyang to continue his studies.


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  • NFLS News 2017 Top 10

    I Junior 3 and Senior 3 students of 2017 did a good job in graduation exams. The average score of High School Entrance Exam ranked 1st of the city, and 3 of our students were among the municipal top ten. 100 percent of Senior 3 students were admitted to colleges, 99.6 percent of them to the first class ones, 29 to Peking University or Tsinghua University, and over 200 to 100 world-famous universities such as Harvard, Yale and Cambridge. NFLS ranked first of our country in the number of students admitted to American Ivy League colleges.


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  • Report about the Art Show Performances, Class New Year Party, Campfire Ball

    On December 28th, 2017, NFLS was busy and full of joy, and as lively as New Year's Day. The campus was filled with happiness early in the morning. The students were busy rehearsing, putting on makeup and performing, decorating the class.......While the alumni, like our family members who work outside, that day, they finally returned home for the family reunion. Even rain couldn’t stop their desire to return home.


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  • NFLS Students from French Class Junior 3 Passed DELF

    NFLS Junior 3 students Zhang Xinyi, Zhangyang, Cheng Jiaqi and Lu Ziyun passed DELF B2 that they took in November 2017. Zhang Xinyi got full mark in her speaking test. The four students have showed their solid language competence and excellent comprehensive qualities by passing B2 with such good results under the pressure of High School Entrance Exam which brings about a busy life for all Junior 3 students. It is worth mentioning that most of the students of the class had already passed B1 in their second year.


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  • NFLS Students Have Received Offers from Famous Universities from All over the World

    Now it is time to apply for universities, there has been good news frequently. So far, more than 170 NFLS students have received offers from famous universities all over the world.


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